Funded: 100% of the minimum funding goal ✓
Funded: 100% of the complete funding goal ✓
Deadline: Wed, June 18th, 11:59pm

The crowdfunding was completed successfully! Thank you, you are awesome!

The Plan

At the time writing this it’s one week ahead of the TYPO3 Developer Days 2014 in Eindhoven and I’m really looking forward meeting all of you again!

The only issue is: There is no podcasting equipment yet for recording new interviews. I had two plans how to get hold of some equipment but sadly they both failed – and now it’s only 7 days left to get it up and running. Typically me, always a last minute action.

Now I’m trying a third plan: Crowdfunding.

Below you find a list of items that would make up a pretty sophisticated podcasting equipment all together. Today I ordered all of them and they will arrive in time before I leave for the Netherlands.

After the packages arrive here I will keep them closed and only open those packages for which the needed amount of money was collected. I will return the stuff for which I can not collect enough money.

The List

  • ✓ Audio Interface: 285€ / 285€ – An audio interface like the Presonus AudioBox 44VSL is the most important item, because it allows me to connect multiple microphones to a laptop.
  • ✓ Headphone amplifier: 65€ / 65€ – The Behringer Amp 800 enables me to give the interview partners so called monitoring signals which helps them to keep a constant volume in their voice, not breathing into the microphone and avoid other disturbing noises.
  • ✓ Headset and cable: 315€ / 315€ – The Beyerdynamic DT 297 and the fitting cable is not cheap but it provides us with a great recording quality and is comfortable to wear and use during longer interviews. These are almost the same models that I used at the T3DD13 in Hamburg.
  • ✓ Headset and cable: 315€ / 315€ – A second headset will ensure awesome audio quality for a two persons interview.

This item marked the minimum funding goal. It has been achieved and I will be able to produce the podcast!

  • ✓ Case: 76€ / 76€ – A case and foam inlay is needed to transport the equipment safely.
  • ✓ Express Shipping: 37€ / 37€ – Everything arrives in time and I get the opportunity to work on the setup before leaving for T3DD14.
  • ✓ Headset and cable: 315€ / 315€ – A third headset will ensure awesome audio quality for a three persons interview.
  • ✓ Headset and cable: 315€ / 315€ – A fourth headset will ensure awesome audio quality for a four persons interview.
  • ✓ Mute controller: 20,89€ / 20,89€ – Surprisingly a Wii Remote makes a fantastic remote control while podcasting when connected to the laptop via bluetooth. As the podcast host I can set cut and chapter marks during the recording which helps to decrease the post production time but is not disturbing the interview. And I can mute myself whenever needed.
  • ✓ Mute controller: 20,89€ / 20,89€ – A second person can mute itself during the interview.
  • ✓ Mute controller: 20,89€ / 20,89€ – A third person can mute itself during the interview.
  • ✓ Mute controller: 20,89€ / 20,89€ – A fourth person can mute itself during the interview.

Minimum funding goal: 980€ / 980€ – Audio interface, headphone amplifier, 2 headsets and cables
Complete funding goal: 1.806,56€ / 1.806,56€ – Minimum goal plus 2 additional headsets, 1 case and 4 mute controller

The Promise

  • With better hardware and more experience I will be able to produce more output. I’m aiming for much shorter post production times and I’ll try to get the first interviews online directly from the Dev Days.
  • If you -the TYPO3 community- pay for the equipment it should serve you! If I can’t make it to an event (like the conferences in the past years) and there’s another community member who’d like to record, this equipment will of course be available for him or her. I’ll write documentation for the recording setup and help out if there are questions.

The Glorious Donors

  • Olivier Dobberkau aka Reverend Neverend – 100€
  • Anja Leichsenring – 20€
  • – 500€
  • Helmut Hummel – 300€
  • Dan Untenzu – 20,89€
  • mehrwert – 250€
  • Meike Michaelsen – 20€
  • – 50€
  • Tobias Liebig – 25€
  • – 520,67€

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