T3B012: Server Team

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Attention: The recording of this episode happened some time ago.

Introduction & Sponsor


  • Michael Stucki (@stucki)
  • TYPO3 server team leader

Tasks of the server team


  • Earlier different Companies managed different projects and websites on their own.
  • Starting at the T3DD11 most of the infrastructure was collected under the umbrella of the new team.

Forge and Versioning

  • The team converts SVN based projects to git on request. It’s also possible to use the Gerrit review system for your project.
  • The teams works on upgrading Forge – it’s difficult
  • Use Git, because it’s better and makes the server team’s lives easier

Mailing Lists

  • The mailing lists are also available as newsgroups
  • And there’s even a forum interface that is in sync with the mailing lists.

Future tasks

  • Debian Update on all Servers
  • Maybe a system similar to stackoverflow. questions.typo3.org?


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