T3B013: TYPO3 Neos (Part II)

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What has happened in the last year?

Release of Neos 1.0 in December 2013, New Neos Website (based on Neos), Release of Neos 1.1 in June 2014, Multilanguage support is considered in the architecture since quite some time but is not finished, Neos Content Dimensions, Release Party

How does Neos gain acceptance?

There were TYPO3 conferences in North America and Asia, TYPO3 CMS is trying to gain ground outside of central europe since a long time, Flow attracts new people from the PHP community, there is lack of marketing, most TYPO3 agencies still work with TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 CMS was improved by backporting ideas and concepts from Neos/Flow

More about Neos

Typoscript2 is glue, out-of-band rendering, Inside Typoscript, Flow has great caching features and is quite fast, release planing, either multi language or user rights management could be the big feature of 1.2, Neos’ release planing differs from TYPO3CMS because it’s in a different situation, JIRA for Neos, Neos follows semantic versioning

The team and its value

The team values: Humility, Respect, Responsibility, Trust. Get support at neos@typo3.org, there’s a helpdesk solution behind it, there’s 1 team for Neos and Flow

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